Marion Marschalek

Marion Marschalek

FREE BLACKHOODIE TRAINING: Introduction to Software Reverse Engineering

  Friday, 23 February

  9 am to 5 pm


Ever wanted to know what a binary looks like from the inside? Wonder no more, binary insides is all you will see in this class. We’ll go from 0 to yo there’s a bug in your application in just one day. This training is very busy, from file formats, loaders and process execution, disassemblers and debuggers, to bug hunting of the special kind. But don’t worry, we’ll arm you with all the necessary skills! The target will be x86-64 Linux ELF executables.




Bring a laptop with IDAPro Free installed, class materials will be hosted on github.

About Blackhoodie

BlackHoodie is a free, women only reverse engineering workshop and community. More information can be found here: https://www.blackhoodie.re/about/

Marion Marschalek is a Senior Security Engineer where she advises efforts to build threat detection solutions based on machine learning and AI. Previously she held an offensive security research position at Intel and different roles in the threat detection industry, as a malware reverse engineer and incident responder. Marschalek is the founder of BlackHoodie, a hacker bootcamp for women, which is established as a global initiative to attract more diverse talent to the security industry.